Freedom is control

Throughout history, artists and curators have challenged society by seeking out spaces where they can express themselves

Paris - 1874

Modern art is born. Renoir, Cezanne, Monet, Bazille and other impressionists, tired of rejection by the Salon, break with orthodoxy, set up their own exhibition space, and make history.

New York - 1943

America usurps Fance. New York becomes a home to intellectuals fleeing the war and artists from across America. Guggenheim signs Pollock, helping spark the Abstract Impressionist movement.

London - 1988

Britain shakes the art world. A radical group of artists, ignored by established galleries, set up exhibitions in warehouses in East London and spark a new movement, the Young British Artists.

Putting You in Control

Advanced tools that give you precise control of every element of your online presence

Reputations & Trust

Reputations take years to win and moments to loose. Our technology puts galleries and artists in complete control of how collectors sees their work, where the see it and how and when they connect and communicate with collectors.

Devices & Applications

Most browsing happens on mobile devices and apps, so our technology makes your website look great on these. It also integrates with the GPS, calendars and cameras in phones, so collectors never miss and can always share gallery openings.

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Insight & Understanding

The internet helps people understand each other. Our technology gives collectors control over which galleries and artists they share their passions with. It gives galleries and artists tools to understand the tastes and needs of their followers