An Initimate Collector Experience

Technology is best when it brings people together to share and learn. This ethos informs our collector experience. We empower collectors to not just intuitively get to know artists and curators, but also share their passions with the people they trust.

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Giving Collectors Freedom to...


Choose which curators, artists and artworks they want to follow, so they can gradually develop tastes, deepen relationships and make sure they don't miss out on events or opportunities in the artworld.

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Collectors can browse old exhibitions, artists profiles, gallery newsletters, news stories, reviews and other context to bring them closer to the artists they are following.

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Collectors can explore a rich and evolving multimedia experience, chosen and designed for them by artists and curators they follow. The can see gallery openings, view performances, listen to interviews streamed to the mobile phone, computer, tablet or HD TV of their choice.

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The technology is designed to draw collectors closer to the artworld. They can choose who to receive updates and event notifications from. Gallery openings and art fairs can be automatically added to their online calendar. Maps can make it easier for them to get to these events.

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You don't need a vPatina account to explore the artists your friends are following. This makes it an ideal tool for collectors who want to introduce their friends to the art, artists and curators that inspire them.

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Eventually Meet

Over time collectors can decide which curators and artists they want to meet and get to know really well.