How do you meet genuine collectors online?

Artists don’t worry about mass popularity. Their passion is creating truly original works destined for a handful of collectors. They leave going viral on Youtube to cats, however, they still need a strategy for the net.

Giving Collectors The Reassurance they seek

Our technology is designed around a deep understanding of how collectors use the internet to discover new artists and curators. It helps you give them the reassurance they need.

The No 1 reason collectors (76%) go online is to discover new art and new artists.

62% of collectors don't trust buying online from someone they don’t already know.

Discoverting Art Naturally

Good press is vital; 59% of online collectors rely on media experts they trust to suggest art.

Reporters can embed your work on their sites. You can attach their stories to your exhbitions.

Friends count; 53% of online collectors rely on friends for introductions to new art.

Even supporters without an account can elegantly introduce their friends to your work.

The internet is huge. 47% of online collectors use search engines to drive discovery.

Designed to make it easier for search engines to find you and the people you support.

Collectors usually don't care so much about mainstream tastes and opinions.

Collectors are only shown their interests and their friends' interests. No Likes. No Rankings. No Recommendations. No Nonsense.

Getting closer

Once you have met, our technology is also designed to help bring collectors, curators and artists closer, so they can build relationships.

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