Exclusive Websites

Few independent artists and galleries are given access to exclusive websites, which use advanced technology to promote established galleries and artists. Some are allowed in, but are they always treated equally?

Mass Market Sites

Most artists have access to websites featuring affordable art, however, these use technology to maximise profit by delivering affordable art to the masses. Do these websites really support the careers of artists and curators?

DIY Websites

Many independent galleries work with web designers to create gorgeous, impactful websites. However, without technology used by the established galleries to develop relationships with online collectors, aren’t these galleries at a disadvantage?

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We don’t offer you a website. We don’t force our vision on you.

We offer a suite of free technologies that fit seamlessly into your website, empowering you to connect to collectors and collaborate with artists and curators, to realise your vision.

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The internet delivers success to those with the right technology. Artists sometimes use third party websites, but at what cost?

Our technology runs on your website, gives you control and helps you meet collectors and develop relationships online.

The internet gives you access to a huge audience, but it is difficult to get noticed by the right people in the right way.

Our technology is based on a deep understanding of how collectors search for art online, so we can help them with this journey.

The internet provides a global stage. It can be difficult to grow and manage relationships with people all around the world.

Our technology is designed to gently nurture intimacy, encouraging collectors to follow you online and meet you in real life.

The internet is powerful, but complex. Mastering this complexity is key to networking and prospering online.

Our technology is inspired by websites we already know and love. It makes powerful capabilities easy to use for everyone.

The internet is slowly changing how collectors relate to art, as it has already in film, music and literature.

Our technology allows artists and curators to offer collectors a range of rich digital content to stream into their homes.